Our services

Commercial Solar Cleaning

Robotic and motorised cleaning of small to medium commercial arrays, typically rooftop installations, up to ~1MW. With our robotic cleaning solutions, we mitigate risk of falls and manage safety with operators being able to work well away from roof edges whilst controlling the robot via remote control.

Industrial Solar Cleaning

Robotic and motorised cleaning of large industrial arrays, typically ~1MW or greater. In addition to managing height safety, our robots are able to access the middle of large arrays where manual and motorised brush methods simply cannot reach, nor clean effectively.

Solar Carport Cleaning

Robotic solar cleaning of solar carports and canopies of all sizes. With our robotic cleaning solutions, we can safely deliver unparalleled quality of cleaning of carport installations much quicker than any manual cleaning methods to minimise impact and disruption to the carpark operational hours.

Solar Farm Cleaning

Robotic cleaning of large ground mounted solar plants. With our robotic cleaning solutions, we can access difficult installations where tractor access is otherwise not practical. Our robots can deliver faster and more thorough cleaning in such installations than manual cleaning methods.

PEG® Installation Solar Cleaning

Robotic cleaning of PEG® ground mounted solar plants. The unique PEG® ground mounting system is a simple to install system which reduces requirements of trenching & foundations, and also allows a greater yield per SQM versus land tracker systems with minimal spacing between modules. At a low pitch install, our robotic cleaning solutions are able to access and clean modules where manual and tractor methods simply cannot.


Floating Solar Array Cleaning

Robotic solar cleaning of floating solar power plants. Floating solar arrays are installed on floating platforms, typically on a lake, dam or reservoir. Floating solar arrays have the additional benefit of reducing water evaporation of the body of water they are installed upon. They are unique in their construct and provide very unique challenges when it comes to cleaning of modules. Whilst floating arrays are not as common in Australia, our robotic solutions have proven very effective in the cleaning of floating solar arrays in other countries where land is scarce or expensive.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Brighter Solar Cleaning as your Solar Cleaning and Maintenance partner:

Precision: Our robots can clean solar panels with a high degree of precision, ensuring that all panels are cleaned to the same standard and without damaging valuable equipment.

Accessibility: Our robots can reach tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas where manual and motorised brushes cannot effectively do so. The ability to operate our units by remote control means we can get to these areas safely to clean modules thoroughly and more quickly than manual methods.

Speed & Efficiency: Our robots have a quick site setup and simple operation, and are able to clean more solar panels per day compared to traditional methods. Our robots are fast and efficient, reducing the time on site taken to restore the performance of the installation.

Safety: Cleaning solar panels can sometimes be dangerous for both the installation and the technicians. Robots will do this work safely, eliminating human errors, and inaccuracies, without risking injury, electrocution or damage. Because we can operate our units by remote control, we also effectively mitigate or eliminate fall risks by keeping operators well away from the edges of roofs.

Versatility: Robots are designed to clean any type of solar plant with a variety of different brushes to deal with different types of soiling – especially hard-to-remove things such as lichen, pollen and bird faeces.

Eco-Friendly: Our remote-controlled robots are 100% battery-operated.

Some additional benefits we also have over other methods are as follows:

Solar Farms 

Cost-effectiveness: Robots can clean solar panels on hard-to-access and narrow arrays more cost-effectively than a tractor as they are typically smaller. Robots also typically require less freight and logistics to get to a site than tractors.

Weather independence: Robots can clean solar panels regardless of weather conditions, which can be an issue for tractors.

PEG® Installation

Cleaning this type of installation comes with bigger challenges, compared to typical ground-mounted and tracked solar farms. Manual cleaning is nearly impossible due to the size of the sections. Water fed poles or rotary brushes don’t have the reach to clean the entire surface. Tractors cannot reach all the modules and they cannot navigate between the tight spaces. Low tilt installations also suffer more from production loss due to soiling and can need more periodic cleaning than installations with a higher tilt. The lower the angle of the modules, the more dirt stays on. Rain or morning dew water accumulates and stays stagnant on the lower edge of the panel above the frame (which then dries up in the sun and will leave the typical soiling bands behind on the module surface).

Accessibility: Our robot can effectively reach the typical tight spaces and hard-to-reach huge areas on PEG® solar farms which no other equipment can match.

Cost-effectiveness: Our robot can clean PEG® solar farms more cost-effectively, reducing the cleaning time by up to 50%.

Weather-independence: Robots can clean PEG® solar farms regardless of weather conditions.