Our work

Winery No.1

Hunter Valley, NSW

– 200 modules @ ~60kW

– Roof Mounted

– Heavy Soiling – not previously cleaned in 4 years of operation.

– Challenges: Distance to water access from panels, leading to low pressure which needed to be boosted by portable pump. Heavy soiling required multiple passes to properly clean.


Inner West Sydney, NSW

– 324 modules @ ~550kW

– Roof Mounted

– Moderate Soiling – System was 2 years old, not previously cleaned since installation.

– Challenges: 4 separate arrays needing to be accessed from 3 different access points across the expanse of site, necessitating multiple set-ups and transportation of equipment. Low water pressure in one location. Difficult access to some panels required manual cleaning

Manufacturing Facility

Brisbane North, QLD

1960 modules @ ~780kW

– Roof Mounted

– Moderate to Heavy Soiling – Located nearby 2 x major arterial roads, a motorway and the international airport.

– Challenges: Roof access via 2 stairways, water pressure was quite low, with soiling levels very high on one side of the arrays requiring secondary pass in order to clean thoroughly.

Winery No.2

Hunter Valley, NSW

– 248 modules @ ~75kW

– Roof Mounted

– Moderate to Heavy Soiling – previously cleaned 12 months ago, typical of winery

– Challenges: Arrays set across a number of roof sections, including one section needing secondary ladder access. Some manual cleaning required for panels with difficult access.

Poultry Farm

Central Coast, NSW

– 224 modules @ ~70kW

– Roof Mounted

– Very Heavy Soiling – Not previously cleaned in 2 years of operation. Very dusty environment. Owner was amazed at how well our robot cleaned them, and the high quality of the finish.

– Challenges: Dust from bird sheds is a large problem in this environment. Required multiple passes, with stiffest bristle brush.